Saturday, April 21, 2012


« I accuse 2012 »

I do accuse the political system of:
participating in the establishment of an economic crisis, which in reality is a manipulation aiming to the impoverishment of the population at large, in the goal to enrich the few in the directing class.

I do accuse the political system of:
promoting GMO's products, and pesticides, nefarious to us as human specie, as well as to others, in so doing destructing our mother Earth as well, in the sole aim to enrich themselves.

I do accuse the political system of:
scarifying the life of millions of people in forbidding the commercialization of existing medical treatments, as well as occulting or manipulating countless of serious studies proving the dangerous effects of GMO's products, numerous pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

I do accuse the political system of:
manipulating public opinion to enact and enforce new liberty killing laws, under the pretense of treat of terrorism, which is an array of false flag attacks it perpetrates itself to create and perpetuate a state of fear into his own population, using the well known strategy based on the principle of:
Problem... Reaction... Solution !

I do accuse the political system of:
being the minion, serving a corrupted elite ignoring people's interest, jeopardizing the future of coming generations, crushing the social quality of life of everyone for the benefit of the military/industrial complex.

I do accuse the political system of:
annihilating our future in setting up an ecological disaster for our children, in horrendously taping into all planetary resources, destructing the eco-system, sequestering all patented inventions and crushing all sorts of research within the realm of free energy, to promote solely the nuclear energy.

I do accuse the political system of:
being the minion of the big pharma, chemical, banking, aggro farming, military industrial complex, aiming at enslaving people.


I don't want
any more wars. I don't want my country being raped to the profit of too big to fail banks and multinational corporations.

I don't want
of a political class that decide of what are my rights or my liberty.

I deny
the validity of electoral process being reserved to the political elite only.

I 'demand'
a new system of management of my country, where citizens must retain and apply their sovereign power to act directly upon the formulation of laws and the political direction of their country.

A such systems do exist !


Such a different world is possible. Come and join us to build it up !
Make copies of this petition, make people to sign it ! Give them copy of it, so that they could have it signed by others, which in their turn could extend the process.

If a million of people rise their voices, can they be ignored ?

Around the world people are rising in many ways.


Historically France has been the home of the rights of man, let's make it true once and for all !

(This petition is just the beginning of a complete process into the path of liberty.
Let's us, all of us free ourselves of the tyranny of the elite.)

No longer will we acquiesce and submit to our enslavement to the domination of the politically twisted mass-media

We are coming upon the time of true information, but we have to fight for it !


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Elenin comet: 2 assassinated astronomers… End of the world?

The team of Wikistrike consequently and lengthily reflected before publishing this information of the more high importance. This information could involve media and human consequences irreversible. According to our sources, we discovered the recent and suspect death of 2 astronomers, which counted among most important of the world. What you will read is exclusive and these assassinations would be as the irrefutable proof of what awaits us all.

Brian Geoffrey Marsden was born on August 5, 1937, it died on November 18, 2010. He was an astronomer américano-British; he was since 1978 the director of Minor Planet Center of the SAO located at Cambridge in Massachusetts. Minor Planet Center, under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union, it is the official organization in charge of the data-gathering of observation for small planets (asteroids) and comets, the calculation of their orbit and the publication of this information via Minor Planet Circulars… 

Al Rex Sandage was born on June 18, 1926 in Iowa city, Iowa (the United States), and died in San Gabriel (California) on November 13, 2010; it counted among the largest contemporary American astronomers. Born in an Jewish family, it converts towards the end of its life to Christianity. Sandage worked at the observatory of the Palomar Mount. This observatory belongs and is controlled by California Institue off technology (Caltech). One of the important programs allotted to the Palomar mount is the research program of comets and the asteroids géocroiseurs called Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT). the asteroids géocroiseurs are asteroids evolving/moving in the vicinity or in direction of the Earth. To name them one often uses abbreviation ECA, of English Earth-Crossing Asteroids, asteroids whose orbit crosses that of the Earth. Some of these objects being likely to run up against the Earth, they are the subject of a research and a particular follow-up…

The two men died of an acute encephalomyelitis. Disseminated acute encephalomyelitis or encéphalite post-infectious or encéphalite périveineuse are an inflammatory disease démyélinisante central nervous system. It is usually secondary with a viral, bacterial infection or with a vaccination but can also appear spontaneously. It consists of an auto-immune ignition leading to the destruction of the sheaths of myéline in the substance white, and present in this respect similarities (physiopathological, clinical and paraclinic) with the pushes of multiple sclerosis. It is a rare disease whose incidence is worth 0,8 cas/100 000 personnes/an and who preferentially touches the child and the teenager, the majority of the case occurring between 5 and 8 years. This fulgurating disease perhaps inoculated by means of an aerosol, very often arms used by the CIA. 

The two astronomers died at 5 days of interval of the same disease, and which more is of an extremely rare disease. They were specialized in the observation and the research of comets. Death threats by the US government nothing to reveal on their discoveries concerning the trajectory and the real size of the comet Elenin, they persisted in wanting to reveal the facts with the general public but in vain. A few weeks later, the trajectory which is given officially to the general public by NASA will be obviously false. Work of Marsden and Sandage showed a proximity too much important. The consequences would be a bursting of the earth's crust on the totality of the sphere. A true cataclysm. Half of humanity will be decimated.

Let us recall here that the physicist Michio Kaku, who had predicted the earthquakes in Japan, announces a world earthquake. The scientist of reputation, Michi Kaku, physicist, warns the citizens of the world of a méga potential earthquake. Michio Kaku decided in this direction during an appearance to the emission “Good Morning America”. He explained why there was very strong probability so that seisms of scale touch the planet Ground in several places… 
He still explains that the ground is about to undergo strong jolts, a little everywhere, and affirms that the cities all over the world are not ready with this possibility…
More especially as several cities were built in places which it had been held better for some shacks of fishermen…
Michio Kaku does not spare its words: “People should expect to see disappearing from the cities as important as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City City, Teheran, Tokyo. Moreover, in fact the big cities will be most favourable to suffer damage. ”
Kaku concluded while saying “It is necessary to remember earthquake of magnitude 8.8 which took place in Chile in 2010! It was so considerable that it literally made deviate planet of 8 centimetres (3 inches); and since this violent jolt our days do not have 24 hours really any more exactly!

It knows very well that this world earthquake will be due in the months which come in the passing from the Elenin comet, which is not a comet but dwarf brown, a planet 5 times superior in Jupiter, which passes in our solar system every 3600 years. Its orbit makes it go and come between our system and that from Orion. 

This planet bears much name: Nibiru, Marduk, Nemesis, Tyche, Elenin, planet X, Hercolubus, red planet.

Nibiru (in sumérien) the mythical planet. Babylonian and the akkadiens named it Mardouk, meaning king of the skies. The Egyptians and Hebrew represented it in the shape of a winged disc because of its immense elliptic orbit in the shape of spread wings. The Greeks named it them Némésis.

The apocalypse of Midsummer's Day mentions this star.

Elenin is dwarf brown, a dark star. The majority of dwarf brown only float in space, which confirms that they are formed like stars and not like planets. The dwarf brown ones are not easily observable, since they emit only one weak radiation in the infra-red. And this is why, in Greek mythology, the Orion giant walks towards the east plugged by the sun… where it will finish by recovered the sight. The myth of Orion shows well that the Elenin planet, coming from the system from Orion, the large hunter, is plugged by the sun, because indeed the dwarf brown ones are almost invisible because they emit only one weak radiation in the infra-red. If all the myths speak about the same star related to the flood, because the Orion hunter was praised to be the only being able to destroy any life on ground, then there is to fear much and in the months which come, the end of the world could start well. 

It is necessary to find refuge in mountain and far from the coasts. Made bunkers, reserves of food, books, it will be necessary to preserve all that you will be able for those which can, for those which will want. The life expectancy of the human beings on our planet is of approximately 60 years. It is very little, Wikistrike requires of all its readers to pose fundamental questions on their existence. Death is not an end, then flood or not, world cataclysm without precedent or not, live each day as if it were the last, are happy, are constructive and positive, because to sink in any case in general panic will save us at all, it does not have no loophole there. 

Good luck with all.

Do you know the new model of area 51 airplane company?

Photo: June 5 / 2011... par androbate

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Demosophie is a neologism composed of "demos" (people) and "Sophia" (wisdom). This neologism was first recorded in 1990 by Eric Fiorile, author of a book of the same name (not published), registered in the Intellectual Property Institute in Paris. In 2010, he published this book, updated with the help of many free thinkers from around the world in several languages (English Demosophy, Demosophía Spanish).

This book describes the concept of Démosophy as a model of society that, instead of being led by the political oligarchy favored by the system of "republic", would come from the intellectual elite of the country, without any selection by the social situation, so without political parties, no elections of officers. This model would establish leaders selected by studies and by competition, with no powers other than those to implement the guidelines of the supreme authority. The highest authority is exercised directly by the whole people.